Adventure & Nature

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A mandatory stop if you visit this region, come to know this colorful town and dare to go up and enjoy the beautiful view from the Peñol rock.



Looking for a little adventure? What a flight over Medellín, if you weren't sure why they call it the capital of the mountain ... you'll find out here.


Bike tour

Join us on a tour to discover places that showcase Medellín's urban innovations and park at local meeting places to enjoy a drink.



In this adventure you will be  having tremendous fun in high-powered ATVs.


Hourseback riding

Enjoying a horseback riding plan near Medellín is undoubtedly a plan that we should all do often.


Rafting río Calderas

Close to the municipality of Cocorná is the warm Calderas River with transparent waters and smooth granite rocks, surrounded by a beautiful and exuberant jungle. Discover the adventure with great cascading rapids and beautiful scenery.


Salto del Ángel Waterfall

Hidden in the mountains south at the valley of aburrá, there is nature like you've never expected. Rainforests fade into pine fields as you keep going up the hill, colorful animals and plants, waterfalls and lagunas.
Join us in a trek that will take you to the closest bit of the basin where the city fades into amazing deep nature and witness yourself the astounding richness of the second most biodiverse country in the world.

The house in the air

A sunny day to go to relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape that we can see from the house in the air, in Abejorral, Antioquia.