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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Among different options to visit an island, San Andres is a great idea for a dream getaway if you want to witness the charm of the sea and it’s different shades that brings to the surface a deeper meaning and awareness of the marine life that inhabits here in this wonderful paradise.

This island with a seahorse shape is located in the department of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina in the Caribbean Sea off the cost of Nicaragua, is a Seaflower Biosphere Reserve declared by UNESCO in 2000 to help preserve the ecosystem.

How to get there

The only way to get to San Andres from other cities of the country is via area, you can find daily flights from Bogotá, Santa Marta, Cartagena, Cali and Medellin. If you like you can also arrive first to Providencia and the take a flight or bote (Catamaran) to San Andres, it depends on your itinerary, the airline and costs you decide to bear.

Recommendations before starting your journey

With saltpeter and humidity comes high temperatures so you better wear comfortable clothes, short sleeves, short pants, buy amphibian slippers, diving mask and, very important, do not forget sunscreen and drink plenty of water before starting your adventure around the island.

So, let get started...

A list of must-see during your stay besides going to the beach and clubbing... check it out and build your own itinerary!!

  1. West View

Based on the rocky part of the island, you can jump off the cliff or get on a water slide into the crystal clear water, dive in to see the fishes and feed them with some bread they give you at the entrance, when you had enough of this go to a place nearby called Bar Reggae Roots to enjoy a mix of South and Central American, Caribbean and Jamaican food and in case it’s not enough you can also find here the only place where you can do Fly board (IG @aquamarinefly), they also offer night tours on boats with led lights to see the marine life at the bottom and while you wait for the night to fall, enjoy the breathtaking view and sunset with the sea changing its color.

  1. Morgan Cove

Rumor has it that the pirate Morgan hid under the sea the treasures that he stole from the Spanish, some people think it’s a legend and some believe he is part of the actual history of the Island.

This place is a coral rock formation that people can visit and see through local guides a magic way to tell a story, get to see guns and things pirates used, replica ships and local dance as part of the experience. The staff will guide and make you feel welcome aboard to the secrets of their captain.

  1. Blowing Geyser (Hoyo Soplador).

It’s a natural and curious phenomenon where water is expelled out of a coral hole in the beach, located on the southern part of the Island you will be able to see it if the winds and waves are strong enough. This attraction is very popular among tourists and locals, everyone comes here to see it and take funny pictures when its only air coming out of it, when is more than that prepare to be drenched in sea water!

  1. Trip to Jhonny Cay and others

  2. La piscinita (no se)

Main Festivity

Green Moon Festival it takes place in mid-April to honor the Creole and Afro-Caribbean culture with reggae and calypso party!

When to go

You can go anytime of the year but the best time to go to the Island is in dry season, from December to April and during the greatest event of the year Green Moon Festival.

How long you should stay? Maybe over a week or better two at least!!

The culture in San Andres is very different from the rest of Colombia despite being part of the same country due to it’s location and history background but not for this less fascinating. This tropical spot of white sand and clear waters deserves the good fame it has, because it is worth every second!

Ready to get all this off the bucket list?

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