San Gil

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Paragliding at Cañon de Chicamocha

Chicamocha National Park is located in the municipality of Aratoca, with a great view of the majestic Chicamocha canyon, this is a thermal flight.


Rafting Suaréz

The characteristics of these rapids and the volume of water make this river one of the most exciting in Colombia for rafting and kayaking, with class IV + V rapids; especially for people who love extreme sports.


Rapelling Juancuri

It begins with a walk and canyoning of 20 minutes to the top of the waterfall, then the descent of 60 meters is made, where you will find sections of wall or rock, free fall, They are located in the municipality of paramo via a charala, it is recommended Wear closed shoes, swimwear, minimum age for torrentism is 9 years old


Bungee Jumping

Just 2 kilometers via San Gil - Charalá, after the Unisangil university; We have a super structure built exclusively for the practice of 100% Bungee Jumping, jumping 70 meters high over the waters of the Fonce River where canoeing is descended. This setting is surrounded by a beautiful landscape, a warm, pleasant and natural climate. From the platform we can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of San Gil.